coastAL Live Wedding painting by kaitlyn jolie

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I started off as a Live Wedding Painter in New Orleans, Louisiana. My favorite thing about painting weddings is the joy on the couple's face as they see their very own masterpiece for the first time. I absolutely LOVE the reaction I get when I'm painting this very special moment in front of everyone who was a part of this magical day.

This is more than just a painting of a photo. This is YOUR moment creatively captured in front of your eyes. Your wedding day will likely be the day that goes by the quickest. A KJ live painting will exhibit the essence and emotion that comes from marrying your best friend. You'll receive a beautiful piece of original artwork that can be cherished forever, 

HERE'S HOW IT WORKS: I will attend your ceremony and take lots of reference photos. Afterwards, you'll see me at your reception piecing together my favorite photos to create your painting. I'll paint throughout the ceremony as you and your guests watch this piece come together start to finish. In the next couple of days after your wedding, I will be putting the finishing touches on your painting in my studio. This includes fine details, sealing your painting so it lasts forever, and getting it prepared for delivery. If you or your family will be staying in the area for a few more days, I will hand deliver your piece that will be ready for travel. Otherwise, I will carefully package and ship anywhere in the US.

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I would be honored to be a part of your special day! Please contact me TODAY to find out more about pricing and availability. I am currently only accepting clients getting married in Destin, FL and surrounding areas.